Could it be the Best Spa in the North East?

Last year my mother began a search for the best spa in the North East, after a couple of failed attempts, she bought us a day package at a recommended local retreat.  This was the 3rd spa we had experienced and so far, the best.

Headlam Hall Spa is situated in the little village of Headlam just over half an hour away from Middlesbrough and previous to this visit I didn’t even know of its existence.

The drive into the village reminded me of the time I went camping and my sat nav decided to direct me through a farmer’s field and down a muddy bridal path, fortunately this route had a lot more concrete and lots of handy passing places.


Once the car came to a standstill on the crunchy gravel in the car park, I quickly realised that this was one of the most serene places I have ever visited.  The only sounds I could hear were the trickling of water from the water feature and the singing from the birds, who seemed very happy to be around humans and didn’t even flinch when I went up close to them.

We’d arrived a little early so took the opportunity to have a wander around the grounds.








Once we were signed into the spa reception I was lead off to begin my facial while my mother acquainted herself with the pool.


An hour blissfully passed and I floated out of the treatment room and down to the pool area to do a few laps and pre-emptively work off my lunch. After briefly testing out all the facilities, I finally settled in my favourite place…the hot tub. I closed my eyes for a few moments and enjoyed a re-energising cat nap. Despite the blazing sunshine and bath-like temperature of the Jacuzzi, it was utter heaven and the only thing that could drag me out of there was my rumbling tummy.


My mother returned from her treatment with a healthy glow and ready to refuel ahead of the additional napping and swimming planned for the afternoon. We donned our white fluffy robes, waffle slippers and trotted off down to the spa’s Brasserie.

The menu was jam-packed full of delicious meals which surprisingly appealed to me (this is a rarity due to my fussy palate and food intolerances). I went with a Thai Salmon burger, sweet potato fries and chunky coleslaw, whilst my mother ordered a glazed pear and blue stilton salad, with crispy Parma ham and a fresh pea and mint soup with crusty bread for her starter.

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The meals I’ve had as part of a spa package in the past have been really disappointing, particularly with the high prices that they tend to come with. However I cannot speak highly enough of the Spa’s Brasserie, it was of exceptional quality.

After lunch, we headed back to the pool and made use of the of the fact it was empty by goofing around with the pools waterfall.






I came away from the spa feeling incredibly relaxed and refreshed and would 100% recommend it for anyone who is looking for a mini escape.

If you would like any further information on the Spa, why not check out the Headlam Hall Website.


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