How to Easily Freshen up Your Home for Free

To see how I recovered these canvassess watch the video at the bottom of the page.

A few months ago I painted the walls in my front room in order to freshen up my home and attempt to give the room a new lease of life.  As I’ve mentioned in the past I live in a rented house, therefore I try to spend as little money as possible when it comes to decor (as that is money to go towards a mortgage).


The current colour theme in my front room is creams, browns and pale blues however I’ve been trying to switch to more greys and slowly phase out the brown. One of the pieces of decor in my living room is a set of canvasses I’d covered in wallpaper. This is a really easy way to dramatically change the colour theme in a room and freshen up your home for free.

The new colours I’d chosen were a mixture of grey’s, silvers and a pale blue patterned paper.

free To start with I had to remove the old paper from the canvasses, I’d originally used staples to secure it to the back panel so they were really easy to remove.


Once I’d pulled out all of the staples it was time to remove the paper, I had forgotten that I’d originally glued the paper to the edges of the canvas so I had to pull the remaining paper off.


Once i’d pulled as much off as I could it was time to get the new paper in place. I started by roughly cutting a piece of paper big enough to fully cover the canvas.


I folded the paper over the edges of the canvas to get a more accurate measurement and cut off the excess paper.


Folding the corners was a little trickier than the edges as I needed them to look neat (as they’d be visible while hanging). The following images show how I achieved a tidy edge:







Once the edges were folded I held the paper in place with a row of staples, the wood around the canvas is quite soft so the staples went in easily.


Despite this being something relatively small that I’ve changed in my front room it’s made a huge difference to the overall look and feel of the room. It feels cleaner and cooler which is the style I was after for the coming summer.

IMG_2599 copy

IMG_2598 copy

I show you how I recovered the canvas in the video below:


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