My journey to Minimalism – Part 1

Last year I read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo and proceeded to throw out about 10% of everything I owned. It was such a liberating feeling and for quite a substantial amount of time my house has needed a minimal amount of ‘tidying up’ as I have far fewer belongings.

Fast forward a year and I have began to struggle to find places for things to live. This isn’t because I’ve bought too many new things (quite the opposite in fact, I’m not a particularly big fan of shopping) it’s a culmination of a few new things and the items I kept last year. During my declutter I bargained with myself that I might need those clothes or ‘maybe I’ll use that soon’, guess what….I didn’t!!

To try and inspire others to start and make small changes towards minimalism I am filming and blogging myself at all stages of this second purge.

In the video below you can watch me go through the process of deciding what to keep and what to get rid of. The first area I decided to purge in my house was my bedside drawers. Before actually looking in these drawers I wouldn’t have imagined I would be able to get rid of so many things however once I actually examined what was in there I discovered that I didn’t actually use the vast majority of it.


My pants and sock drawer after I’d thinned out the things I’d stored in there for ‘backup’.

IMG_3483This drawer was originally for storing bra’s that I never wore and tights that I had no idea if they had ladders in or not. I’ve since work some of the tights and thrown out the ones that are no longer suitable.

IMG_3484Originally this drawer only housed my t-shirts and a few items of prop clothing, now it has some of my PJ’s as well as my wool for my crocheting.

IMG_3485This drawer has gone from barely enough room to fit anything else in to items rattling around it in….which I love!


The pile on the left of this image is what I am donating to my local charity shop and the pile on the right is what is not suitable to be donated. For 1 small set of drawers I think this is a good start. 


Considering I never thought I had that much to actually purge, this gives me an inclination to how much more I’ll be able to get rid of/donate.


Watch the video below to see the whole process of purging my chest of drawers. 


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