This is the second video in my minimalism series and this time I’m tackling my storage boxes on the top of my wardrobe. These boxes get switched around twice a year when I swap over my summer wardrobe for my winter one and vice versa.

As I was heading on holiday I decided to bring my summer clothes down and get rid of the things I knew I wouldn’t wear. Although I didn’t get rid of a great deal during the actual filming of the video, I managed to donate a lot more after returning from my holiday. Half the struggle of decluttering clothes is knowing if you’re actually going to wear any of them and my decision to not even pack certain things gave me my answer on many items.

Even after returning from Spain I continued to get rid of the clothing that I didn’t bother to wear, or things I did wear but decided that would be the last time due to them not fitting correctly or just looking too dated.


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