The next area that I decided to tackle in my minimalism series was my wardrobe. Now there isn’t a great deal of clothes in there to start with, my passion for minimalism and hatred of shopping is certainly helping whittle down the amount of clothes I have.

Like many others, there are items of clothing I have that I think ‘I’ll wear that next season’ or ‘I’ll get that zipper fixed then start wearing that again’ but I never do. This time around I aimed to get rid of the clothes I overlook time and time again.


After getting rid of an old, tatty pair of high tops I was able to rearrange my shoes so they were easier to get to.


I parted with 2 of my oldest hoodies, despite ‘loving’ them I never actually wore them anymore.

warGetting rid of the things I didn’t wear now gives my other clothes more room to breathe.

Watch the video below to see me go through the whole process.


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