Nail Polish purge / declutter

Sorting through my nail polishes was one of the tasks I missed when I did my huge house purge in the summer, each time I went to paint my nails I continued to bypass all of the colours I was no longer interested in.

I finally decided to have a good declutter of my nail box and get rid of anything that I hadn’t used or had no intentions to use.

All of my nail paraphernalia is stored in this Beautify Case it’s not bursting with polishes but it’s certainly become a tight squeeze to get them all in, in an orderly fashion.

IMG_2254 IMG_2255

As you can see I’d made use of each little section, fitting them in like tetris pieces

IMG_2257 IMG_2258

Rather than keep colours together I had grouped my polishes together by brand. This was my downfall when buying specific colours as I never knew which colours I  had multiples of, even I didn’t need 3 identical lilacs.


The bottom was sectioned off into OPI which had it’s own little bag to keep them all together and then all of the remaining polishes were crammed into the left over space. SOMETHING HAD TO CHANGE!


After grouping them off into colours, the process of elimination began.


In total I managed to get rid of 30 bottles.


A large chunk of these were donated to my friends and family…


…and the remaining bottles had to be discarded either for being too old, close to empty or far to goopy.


I thought having less polishes in my nail kit would limit my choice, but now I can go in and pick a polish that I know I will actually want to wear rather than wading through colours I pass up time after time. As well as the obvious benefits of more space the box is now half the weight so far easier to carry around.




Polishes mentioned in this video in order of appearance

Essie – Sunday Funday

17 Lasting Fix – Picnic – Colour no longer available

Models Own – Jade Stone – Colour no longer available

Barry M – Lemon Ice Cream – Colour no longer available

OPI – No room for the blues

Barry M – Blue Moon

OPI – Ink

Barry M – Navy – Colour no longer available

OPI – I Think In Pink

OPI – Pink-a-doodle

OPI – Pink Flamenco

Essie – Exotic Liras

Essie – Madison Ave-Hue

Barry M – Shocking Pink

Barry M Pink Flamingo

OPI – Vodka and Caviar

OPI – Not Really A Waitress

Barry M – Blood Orange

Barry M – Berry Ice Cream

OPI – Lucky Lucky Lavender

No7 – Lucky Lilac

OPI – Lincoln Park after Dark

OPI – Lincoln Park at Midnight

OPI – Pamplona Purple

Barry M – Vivid Purple – Colour no longer available

W7 – Mauve Suede

OPI – Bring on the Bling – Colour no longer available

Models Own – Disco Heaven

Models Own – Mystic Mauve

Barry M – Pink Silver Glitter

Bourjois – Silver Screen Beauty Queen – Colour no longer available

Stargazer – Chrome Gold

Barry M – Red Glitter – Colour no longer available

Essence Effect – Holo Shimmer – Colour no longer available

Technic – Carnival

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength

Essie – Not just a pretty face

Maybelline – Rose Poudré

Models Own – Snow White

No7 Stay Perfect – Beautifully Black

W7 – Silver Suede

Barry M – Grey

Revlon – Quick Dry Base Coat

No7 Stay Perfect Top Coat

See the video below where I show you the process I went through to clutter my nail polish collection :

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