Savisto – Vintage Popcorn Style Popcorn Maker Review

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Savisto to review one of the many products on their website (link below).   As many of you know I love any sort of gadget that makes my life easier and this Vintage Style Popcorn Maker is something that had the potential to do just that.

Weekends in my house are made for watching back to back episodes of OITNB and there’s nothing better to accompany this than a big bowl of fresh popcorn.

Unfortunately popcorn is one of the few things I’ve never been able to perfect, pan too hot, too cold, not enough butter, too much oil and i’ll admit, I’ve completely ruined a pan in my quest for perfect popcorn so it was only right that I chose to review a popcorn maker.

savisto popcorn maker review

savisto popcorn maker review

The Popcorn maker came in a small cardboard box with a few accessories which included 6 cinema style popcorn boxes. As I’m currently on a mission to live a more minimalist lifestyle this suited me perfectly (there’s nothing worse than a home appliance that has 17 different attachments which all do similar jobs).

savisto popcorn maker review

Despite there being an instruction manual in the box, the popcorn maker was easy to set up, I didn’t need to refer to the manual when it came to putting the unit together.


First Impressions: My first impressions of the  Vintage Style Popcorn Maker were that I thought the build felt cheap and wouldn’t do the job very well. I’ve never used a popcorn maker before so wasn’t sure what to expect. The plastic on the outside felt rather flimsy and it all seemed a bit too simple. After doing a little bit of research on popcorn makers it looks like this style is a basic unit that many different companies take on and put their own branding on.




The instruction manual states that the lid doubles as a measuring cup. It said half a cup however it didn’t define half covering the lid or half filled to the top of the lid so I played it safe and only put a very small amount in for the first attempt.



I poured the popcorn into the heating chamber, placed one of the boxes underneath the spout and hit the power button.

The machine sprang to life with a loud whir and hot air began to blow out of the front of the unit. What seemed like a very short time passed and popcorn began pouring out.


One of my pet peeves with popcorn is the unpopped kernels sitting in the bottom of my popcorn so I took a quick look at how much didn’t pop and was pleasantly surprised to find only 6 kernels.

IMG_4008 IMG_4010

The manual states that you shouldn’t put anymore than 80g of kernels into the chamber so I thought I’d push the machine to it’s limits.

IMG_4011I was also curious as to how long it would take to pop this much popcorn so I set my timer away the moment I hit the power button.


After one minute and thirty two seconds the popping had stopped and I was left with a huge bowl of freshly popped popcorn.

popcorn maker

So the proof is in the popcorn… works and very quickly at that. I did notice that with each batch I made, the popcorn that was left in the heating chamber was slightly overcooked. You can see in the image below that the popcorn on the left is a lovely golden colour however the one to the right is much darker and had a slightly charred taste.


Unfortunately by the time the popping has stopped and you know it’s time to turn the machine off, the popcorn that’s left in the chamber has already gone too far. On the plus side there isn’t a great deal popcorn that is getting wasted. From 80g of kernels there is only 1 lid’s worth of popcorn that remains in the chamber.



Final Thoughts: Overall I was very impressed with this machine, at first I felt like the materials were too flimsy for the job, however after using it I think it will hold up well over time. As this is a hot air popcorn maker there is minimal cleaning to do. You’re only left with small, dry flakes of kernels which can be wiped out in seconds.

The only down side of this style of popcorn is that is lacks flavour, great on the waistline but a little on the bland side. Personally I’d have loved to have seen a little recipe book of homemade popcorn seasonings come with this machine (like they do with smoothie makers) or maybe a small sachet to try out. I decided to order my own selection pack of seasonings from Amazon, but in the meantime I’m currently spooning lashings of honey on top of mine.

Conclusion: So if like me you enjoy munching down a huge bowl of popcorn while you watch TV, you’re probably wondering if this is worth the buy? Even at full price of £19.99 the answer to that is a resounding yes! I can absolutely see the benefits of keeping this little beauty around!

I’d like to thank Savisto for sending me the Vintage Style Popcorn Maker to review.  To view this product or any of Savisto’s products see the Savisto website.


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