Quick and easy Halloween Party Ideas for Children

Halloween is one of my favourite days of the year, I can spend weeks, sometimes months beforehand preparing my costume and on the odd occasion a party. This year I’ll be helping to throw a children’s party so I thought I’d bring you my 3 favourite ideas for a Children’s Halloween party.

Although the focus is on the end result the preparation can be enjoyable for kids, so I encourage you to use this as a guideline only, get the kids involved and most importantly have fun.


Spooky Hand Party Favours

See Video Below for step by step guide!

Spooky hand party favours are a great way to dish out the treats at a kids party. To create the favours you will need some plastic or latex gloves, but make sure you give these gloves a good wash out before filling them with anything edible.  Warning Most rubber gloves come with a light dusting of powder on the inside to help you get them on easily, not something you want the little ones to eat.


These favours are super simple to make and you can dress them up or fill them up with whatever you like. I’ve gone for a filling of popcorn and rainbow drops and slipped a few sweets on the top for decoration.


Use a piece of string to secure the top of the glove and remember to keep the knot simple so the kids can open it up. I also like to have a bit of fun with them, I personally like my Spooky Hands to be Manicured


If you want to see a step by step video on how I make the Spooky Hand Party Favours, check out the video below:


Pin The Bow on the Witch

This is a fun twist on the classic children’s party game Pin the tail on the Donkey. The witch was really fun to make and took minimal materials, all I used was crepe and tissue paper, sticky tape, scissors and a glue stick.


The most difficult shape to cut out was the torso of the witch, I folded the black paper in half when cutting it so that no matter how it came out, at least it would be symmetrical.


Next I cut the witches hat out and attached some green paper for a hat ribbon.

IMG_2405 I lightly taped sheets of crepe paper to the wall to start building the witch up, if you don’t want to use sticky tape then you can use Blu-Tack.


To attach the witch to the sheet of paper on the wall I used a glue stick but if you prefer you can use sticky tape or glue dots.



For the hair I used strips of tissue paper which I curled by running the paper over the the edge of some scissors. I glued each individual piece of tissue paper under the hat until the hair had some volume.



The skirt consists of 2 layers. For the bottom layer I used a few pieces of crumpled peach tissue paper, for the top layer I used 3 sheets of black tissue paper (layered on the top and folded in on the sides).




For each of the tights I used 2 strips of black crepe paper with small pieces of pink glued on top.


The bow is really easy to make when it’s made up in separate parts. Once the pieces are layered on top of each other use a small piece of tissue paper on the front to pinch the bow together.



As we all know the aim of the original game is for the blind-folded child to stick the tail on to the donkey, in this case we will stick the bow to a part of the witch, I chose the belt.

To stick the bow to the witch I used Blu-Tack, however you can use sticky tape or both.  In hindsight I would use both.  I would stick Blu-Tack to the bow and a large piece of sticky tape to the belt, reason being, when removing the bow from the belt there is less chance of the witch being torn.





And there you have it, it’s such a pretty thing to have up that you won’t mind leaving it up for a few days after Halloween.





Rice Crispy Pumpkins

Really easy to make and I think these look brilliant.

For this recipe you will need:

  • 120g Rice Krispies
  • 30g butter
  • 200g marshmallows
  • Cadbury Flake for stalks (I used 3 and had leftover pieces)
  • Orange food colouring (I didn’t have any orange so I used red and yellow)


If you’re using red and yellow food colouring, mix them together until you get the desired orange colour


IMG_2444 Cut the Flake chocolates bars into half-inch pieces for the pumpkin stalks.




Warning! Be careful they don’t fall in your mouth

Next, melt the butter in a pan on a low heat


Add the marshmallows and cook gently until they’re completely melted and blended, stir continuously.


Add the food colouring and stir until it’s all mixed in


Take off the heat and immediately pour over the rice krispies, gently stir until they’re all coated




Once the mixture has cooled enough for you to handle it, start rolling out pumpkin shapes making sure you poke a hole in the top to put the stalk.


After half an hour they should have cooled and hardened enough to enjoy



There you have it, some fun, quick and easy ideas which will enhance any Halloween Party.

Have a Happy Halloween people!

Check out the video below to see how I created all 3 party favours!

Why not suggest your Halloween Party Ideas in the comments below.

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